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Pax Americana ή τρίτη Ιντιφάντα;

Καρκινοβατούν οι ειρηνευτικές συνομιλίες Ισραήλ - Παλαιστινίων

[1] "Bomb explodes on bus near Tel Aviv, none hurt thanks to alert passenger", Ha'Aretz, 22.12.2013
[2] "Slight increase of violence in Judea and Samaria is not Intifada", Reshet Bet – Israel Broadcasting Authority, 23.12.2013
[3] "Palestinian murders IDF soldier in West Bank", Yediot Aharonot, 21.09.2013,7340,L-4431801,00.html
[4] "Palestinian murders IDF soldier in suspected terror arrack at Afula bus station", Jerusalem Post, 13.11.2013
[5] "Palestinian killed by Israeli troops in West Bank", The Guardian, 19.12.2013
[6] "Secret Peace talk contents revealed by PA sources", Arutz Sheva radio, 23.12.2013
[7] "John Kerry : Israel-Palestinian peace deal paved for April", The Washington Times, 13.12.2013

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